Adventure Ropes Course is building some of the finest climbing towers and walls in the country. We work with camps, schools, universities, and adventure companies to design and construct solid, multi-faced towers and climbing walls at affordable prices. Featured towers with overhangs, chimneys, finger cracks and interchangeable holds add incredible opportunities for your clients to learn, grow, and overcome their fears. Towers can built on utility poles, trees, or steel with traditional wood or textured fiberglass panels.
All Climbing structures are built to meet or exceed ACCT standards. All material and workmanship is guaranteed for two years.

Our tower designs feature a multi-faceted, tongue and groove surface, removable holds, and a stylish design. The tower may be used as a launch or termination point for a double zip line. The tower will give you 30′ – 40′ of climbing surface with a variety of difficulty levels and can be built on 40′ or 50’ poles.
A single or double zip line can be added or the tower can serve as the an anchor for a variety of high ropes elements. Climbing towers have many different uses: team challenges, individual challenge, improving climbing skills, and just plain fun. Climbing towers can be built in various heights, with just about any imaginable feature.
You may also choose a traditional two sided tower using treated 2” x 6” lumber. This design includes climbing features, and an overhanging top section. This economical design is perfect if you are using the tower for rappelling regularly.
Climbing towers can be as simple as a single sided wall or as complex as your imagination. Elements and towers can exceed 60 feet in height. Let us design the tower that best suits your facility and program.

Universal Accessibility

We have designed a number of unique towers that are universally accessible. Building a course with the needs of everyone in mind creates a valuable opportunity to positively affect individuals with disabilities.