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ALL ABOARD low ropes element ALL ABOARD

This element requires the entire group to stand with both feet on a 2' x 2' (ft.) wooden platform and remain off the ground for a minimum duration of 5 seconds or one song chorus.

Burma Bridge low ropes element BURMA BRIDGE Using the hand ropes, participants walk on the foot cable and cross the bridge. ideal for very young participants and can easily be modified for people with disabilities.


alligator swamp Low ropes element

ISLANDS consists of two larger raised wooden platforms with a smaller platform in the middle. The platforms are about 7 feet apart. The task is to get the whole group from one large platform to the other large platform via the small platform using two board that by themselves aren't quite long enough. No jumping! And if anyone touches the ground, they may have to start again.
aka Bridge Out, Islands, Planks, Alligator Swamp,


Giant Fiinger Low ropes element


The group, working in unison, places or removes the giant ring from the 8' - 10' high finger.  Proper planning, safety and spotting must be implemented in order to assure success.

Bridge Out  Low ropes element BRIDGE OUT

Bridge segments of different sizes must be used to get he group across the 'river'.  Only three bridge segments are available for 5 - 7 openings.

team wall lwo ropes teambuilding

the wall teambuilding with kids


is just that, a smooth 10 - 14 foot wall over which each team member must go over. This takes planning as well, especially to figure out how to get the last person up and over. Can be built with or without belay options.



TRUST FALL  Low ropes element TRUST FALL really does demonstrate the importance of trusting one another. It is a platform about 4' off the ground. From a standing position on the platform, a team member falls into the arms of 8 teammates. It sounds simple, but it is one of the most mentally challenging elements we have... so much so that only High School and above may do it. Try it with a Catch net.

teambuilding element TROLLEYS

The objective of this element is to cross an area about 20' (ft.) square using two 4"X4"s which are 10' in length with our falling off. The beams are equipped with rope loops to be used as handles.

whale watch designs and low ropes The WHALE WATCH is designed to help strengthen community through challenge, cooperation and communication, the low ropes is an ideal activity for youth or adult groups. The entire group must find balance on the giant seesaw. To increase the challenge, they must switch sides or move around a circle or all dismount without the platform touching the ground.

low ropes cable elements MOHAWK WALK A cable is installed between 4 - 6 zigzagging trees 12"- 18" (inches) above the ground. The objective of this element is for the group or parts of the group to join hands, forming a human chain, and attempt to walk from one end of the cable to the other.

teambuilding low V ropes course element LOW V or WILD WOOZY Cables are installed between 3 trees in a narrow "V" about 12" (inches) from the ground. The objective is for two people, each on a separate cable, starting at the narrow end of the "V", to stand facing each other. They must support each other as they walk towards the wide end of the "V" without falling. An alternate method for this element is to have people cross each of the three cables using ropes attached to the trees. The is element is also known as "Triangle Tension" or "Wild Woozy."

tension traverse low ropes TENSION TRAVERSE Cables are installed between 3 trees in a narrow "V" about 12" (inches) from the ground. The objective is to have people cross each of the three cables using ropes attached to the trees. The rest of the group is spotting and providing a safety net.  

cable elements teambuilding low ropes CABLE COMBO Poles and cable configured to offer several different low ropes challenges. Wild woozy, tension traverse and the mohawk walk provide unique challenges for repeat group and progressive programs.  

hang 10 low ropes teambuilding HANG 10 - Two people working together must reach the hanging rope in order to cross the foot cable.  

low ropes teambuilding STRETCH - Two participants using long hand lines work to switch ends of the foot cable while being spotted.  

nitro crossing teambuilding element

NITRO CROSSING is a rope swing. The team uses it to cross a "bottomless chasm." Each member must get across without knocking off the "trip wires" or "falling into the chasm." They must also take a container of liquid without spilling. different attachments can be used on the rope to make this an inclusive element for all ages and abilities.

adventure low ropes element
PELICAN -Nitro crossing with an attitude. The swinging arm adds distance and speed to the rope as each person swings across.
Super swing low ropes element


low ropes teambuilding element

ACID RIVER The group must cross an area approximately 20' (ft.)square using three 2" X 4"s which are 8'-10' in length. The boards are placed on protruding concrete blocks and the group must cross the "acid river" without falling in. Also called "Corporate Pastures."

spider web teambuilding element SPIDER WEB  
A web rope about 5' (ft.) high containing varying sizes of holes is stretched between two trees. Each participant must go through a different hole without touching the web. spider web teanbuilding challenge

hole in space low ropes

HOLE IN SPACE or BORN AGAIN is a tire suspended from two nearby trees. It doesn't swing because of the way it is tied down, but the bottom of it is about 6' off the ground. The task is to get each and ever member of the team up and through the tire. Team members can only help members on their side (that is, those who made it over can't help others go up on the up side and those who haven't made it over can't help those coming down on the down side).

low rope element TP shuffle

TP SHUFFLE or LOG JAM is just a 20 foot horizontal log laying on supports on the ground. The top may only be about 18" above the ground, yet it is a real challenge when the group has to balance on the log and then half must switch ends with the other half. And who knows what kind of restrictions the facilitator might impose on the group, or on those who end up touching the ground?



CRATE STACK Two climbers must work together to construct a stack of crates as high as you dare, balance and coordination are needed to prevent them form all crashing down. The Crate Stack really involves the whole team as they must work effectively to feed the climbers the crates to get the stack higher.

swing tire low rope course element

TIRE TRAVERSE A grueling element where participants cross via swinging tires. great for younger participants and fit people. Watch out for spiders.

horizontal spider web

MAZE A horizontal spider web great for blindfolded activities, young people, corporate clients, The maze provides numerous challenges for all ages and abilities.

swing log low ropes element

SWINGING LOG The Swinging Log is a popular ropes course element that is constructed between trees or poles. A log is suspended with cables making it very difficult to stand on.

low X low ropes course


The Low X bridge has two foot cables that form a "X" between trees or poles. The idea is to work with a partner to try to go as far along the cables as possible without falling.


Up and over low ropes course