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Adventure Ropes Course designs, builds, trains and provides services for challenge course owners, adventure companies, resorts, children’s museums, organizations, and individuals.

We are building some of the finest towers, high ropes courses, zip line tours, indoor climbers, and low ropes courses in the country.

We work with you to design and construct the perfect adventure course for your needs: towers, ropes course elements, movie sets, and adventure events at affordable prices.

A Little About Us

Ropes and challenge courses are quickly becoming the most exciting and effective training tools for promoting human development through experiential learning. Over the past twenty years their popularity has grown rapidly. Originally developed to target youth and summer camp programs as a recreational activity, Ropes and challenge courses are now being implemented to meet very specific needs of a much broader and ever-growing audience. Customized facilitation of ropes course programs can be designed to explore group interaction, problem solving and leadership amongst co-workers of every level of corporate, associate, and small company groups. These ropes course activities are now also providing amazing learning experiences for treatment, awareness, and substance abuse prevention programs.

The challenge course is beginning to be used as a highly successful therapeutic medium in the mental and physical health industry and has long been the leading adventure tool utilized to teach and empower at-risk youth. Because ropes and challenge course programs are so versatile and cater to everyone regardless of physical ability, the possibilities of expanding their usefulness to meet your specific needs are endless.


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